A simple HTML5 demo by Sam Pottinger


Use left and right arrow keys to move and space to fire. Knock out snowflakes before they hit the ground and fire at powerups to activate them.

Why is this so special?

Funny you asked! Traditionally developers have created browser-based games using propritary plugins like Adobe Flash (wikipedia). However, new open standards like HTML5 (wikipedia) allow programmers like myself to build interactive web applications without that type of software. This simple game demonstrates these new standards and how they can deliver amazing results to the consumer.

What makes this thing work?

Awesome Buttons

What is that music?

That is creative commons music from JC. I am not affiliated with this artist, but I do like his music. If you do too, please make sure to donate!

Licensed under CC

Are you done yet?

Not quite. I hope to add some more features to the game but, until then, enjoy!

Can I see the source?

Sure! In keeping with the spirit of open source, I have released the game under the GNU General Public License V3. Just check out this zip file!


Game Over


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