I have experience in software engineering for complex architectures and cross-disciplinary spaces, spanning electrical engineering and web infrastructure to cognitive science.
Data Driven Empathy
User centered data science and data visualization consluting.
Data science, design, and software engineering for sustainable indoor agriculture
CDIBase (open source) allows the CU Language Project and similar labs to access, manipulate, and collect research data securely online.
EHP Apply online
An international student aware admissions web application compiler.
Kipling 3
Modular cross platform desktop application to manage LabJack devices.
TRACER Analysis
Identity clustering (SVM) analysis of Colorado political campaign data.
Custom tailored application generates color-coded running workouts from time trial information.
CU Language Project / Undergraduate Thesis
Cross-disciplinary undergraduate thesis on Techniques for Interactive Visual Exploration of Dynamic Linguistic Networks.
Unofficial API for Colorado campaign finance data.
Cross-platform MODBUS-based driver for LabJack devices.
HTML5 game / demo that demonstrates jQuery combined with canvas and audio elements.
UCB CS Degree Planner
Web-based degree planner for computer science students at the University of Colorado at Boulder
Leopold the Lizard
Dancing mechanical lizard for Professor Eisenberg's Things that Think course.
Google SRE Internship
Worked on building data aggregation service, web-based log viewer, and node annotation system.
Animatronic aquarium for Professor Eisenberg's Things that Think course.
Gleap Alpha
Gleap provides SMS / web-based organizational tools for community service groups.
Provided programming assistance in building a Python library to control LabJack devices.
LJTick-DAC testing and setup utility for LabJack devices.
EI-1050 Testing Utility
EI-1050 testing and setup utility for LabJack devices.
EHP Profiles
Currently developing a resume hosting / data mining platform that will be used by the CU Boulder Engineering Honors Program community.
Classes Worth Taking
Simple voting-based web application that allows students to share classes they found worthwhile with their peers.
Panic Factor
Utility I developed for my high school classmates that calculates what score is needed on a certain assignment / exam to get a particular overall grade in a class.
Andrews Robotics Initiative
Supported Professor Correll's graduate students by writing ROS packages for his lab's equipment.
Working on a simple game framework geared towards performance, rapid development, introductory CS education.
Created a Python library to abstract low-level socket-based commands for the project's quadrotor helicopter and developed an online resource base for the team.
Digital Media Test Kitchen
Worked with Steve Outing and Olga Kharitonova from CU Boulder's cross disciplinary Digital Media Test Kitchen to develop an algorithmic Internet news credibility rating system.
Super tiny boilerplate-reducing arbitrary pipelining framework designed for concurrency and great good.
Helpful ARI Inverse Kinematics Wrapper
Desktop application that searches the top job sites and displays listings in a single email client like interface.
Wrapper for LabJack devices, enabling their use with DASYLab.
Graph-based music maker that uses everyday sounds.
Assisted in building a Dropbox app that allows the user to choose to either store files in the normal Dropbox manner, or also solely in the cloud.
Web-based game creator.
Custom web application for managing longitudinal participant data from the CU Language Project.
Single Paradigm Access GUI Layer