Single Paradigm Access GUI Layer
The Single Paradigm Access GUI Layer (SPAGL) attempts to accomplish three goals. The first is to allow Java developers to switch between Sun Microsystems' Swing library and the IBM-backed Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) by changing only one line of code per file. Second, it attempts simplify GUI (graphical user interface) development by providing widgets that abstract or eliminate the need for library specific models. Third, SPAGL completely removes anonymous inner classes from the event system. The only things that need to be specified are the events to listen for, the methods to execute, and the objects to execute them in. All of this is done in order to allow projects the freedom to easily switch between GUI libraries, giving developers a lower barrier to entry into graphical development and enabling rapid prototyping for experienced programmers. I worked on the side-project while in high school but abandoned it as my interests changed and as I began to realize that the solution had too small a target audience. The wrapper is no longer being maintained. More information at